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Sunday, March 22, 2020

This Special Medicine Will Definitely Cure Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Hi Guys, today I will talk about this new special medicine for Corona Virus (COVID-19) that can definitely cure this disease.
First of all, my field of expertise may not be in providing news and all on such topics but with Corona Virus pandemic, it is my responsibility to make people aware and provide any information through my channel that can help even a little bit to save the humanity.

As of now there is no vaccine to prevent Corona Virus disease (COVID-19).

Now you must be super angry at me because I said that I will tell you guys about a new medicine that can cure Corona Virus disease (COVID-19).

Yes, I did and there is actually one way that will really cure it. Read Comple Article.

Most of us are criticizing others for this disease but just give it a thought "Does that really matter right now?".

We should not be criticizing others for what actually happened but we should stand together as one and fight with this disease.

There will be many platforms especially internet that will provide you with the rightful information as well as with the rumors. At a time right now we should not panic but monitor things smartly and check whether the information is actually right or not.

In times of global crisis such as COVID-19 pandemic, it is really important that we should rely on a trusted source like WHO for news and all the information related to Corona Virus.

WHO launched a messaging service with partners Whatsapp and Facebook to keep people safe from Corona Virus.

WHO messaging service can be accesed by clicking this link and then it will open a conversation on Whatsapp. You'll simply need to type and send 'Hi' to activate the service. Alternatively, you can save +41 79 893 18 92 in your phone and then send 'Hi' on Whatsapp.

For people in India, you can save +91 9013151515 in your phone and send Hi' on Whatsapp. You can get any information, news and verfiy any uncertain information on precautionary measures or treatment practices.

I commend Facebook tor this great effort to provide right information and news from credible source and linked it with the popular messaging platform like Whatsapp

The CURE I was talking about is our commitment. Our commitment to STAY HOME and stop spreading this disease. This is the only CURE right now.

If you can't do this for yourself, then do it for your loved ones.

Help Stop Coronavirus

1 HANDS wash them often
2 ELBOW Cough into it
3 FACE Don't touch it
4 SPACE Keep safe distance
5 HOME Stay if you can

I appreciate you for your valuable time.

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