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Thursday, April 16, 2020

How to Enable Color Correction on Android | Tips & Tricks

Hi Guys, today in this post I'm going to share a trick to enable color correction on Android Mobile Phones.

The color correction feature of Android is really helpful for people with Color Blindness or Eye related Medical problem.

How to Enable Color Correction on Android | Tips & Tricks 

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There are three color correction setting on Android.

1) Deuteranomaly: People that see the green color as the red color.

2) Protanomaly: People that see the red color as the green color.

3) Tritanomaly: Those who cannot differentiate between yellow or red and blue and green.

How to Enable Correction on Android

1) Go to Android Phone's Settings page.

2) Scroll down and Tap "Accessibility."

3) Then tap "Visibility Enhancements" or "Vision."

4) After that tap on "Color Correction" and turn it ON.

5) Now under "Correction Mode", select between DeuteranomalyProtanomaly and Tritanomaly as per your eye related medical problem.

Great! Now you're all set. You can now experience a better mobile experience than before.

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How to Enable Color Correction on Android | Tips & Tricks 

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